Structure of the program

First semester : 200 Hours (HC) and 30 ECTS (six months: from the end of September to March)

Foundations: 80HC + 20HTD (R+P) (12 ECTS)

• Mathematics of complex systems: System dynamics, viability and agent based models

• Decisions in a complex world: Managing information and facing uncertainty

• Game theory: Strategy and cooperation in a complex world

• Econometrics of big data

Specialized competencies: 120HC (select 6 UE, 18 RCTS)

• Dynamics of networks: Strategies for interactions over networks (R+P)

• Technology dynamics: Coping with complex dynamics of technology and innovations (R+P)

• Macroeconomic dynamics: Macroeconomics in a connected and uncertain World (nouveau) (R+P)

• Computational finance (SMA+IA+HFT ) (R+P)

• Complexity of ecosystems: Coping with the complexity of the bioeconomic systems using system dynamics and agent based modeling (R+P)

• Banking, financial markets and products (P)

• Insurance economics (R+P)

• Database and statistics with SAS (P)

• Scoring and its applications (P)

Second semester: 16HC, 30 ECTS (Six months: from March to September, in situ in a company or a research lab)

Internship in a firm with a final report (P) or Internship in a research team with a final thesis (R) (24 ECTS)

Research and professional seminars and Grand oral (6 ECTS)
Potential topics:

  • Managing firm’s connections and networking strategy
  • Managing connections with complex financial networks: the REPO market
  • Managing risks in real time financial transactions
  • Credit scoring
  • Design of insurance contracts for complex investment projects
  • Managing emerging technology investment projects
  • Technology management and green technologies
  • Managing regional ecosystems: the Arcachon Bay
  • Managing integrated projects
  • Managing big data in health sectors

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